After a precocious bud-break, bloom was particularly quick and uniform. July was cool and dry; August was hot and dry.


At mid-véraison, the composition of the grapes was similar to that of 1989 and 1982, for a vintage slightly less precocious. The weather stayed hot and dry until the first days of September, then came abundant rain, luckily this was accompanied by low temperatures. The harvest got underway on September 19th.


At the time of picking, the grapes showed marked dilution for which vinification was, in part, able to compensate. The resulting wines are supple, without the exuberant character that we often see from our terroir. They have, however, during their bottle ageing, developed a lovely bouquet, elegant and intense. These wines are charming in their subtlety, without the density found in the great vintages.

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