The drought began as early as December 2002, and in May, after bloom, it was apparent that the vintage would be an early one. This year will be remembered for its record temperatures and for the general drought. The average temperatures of June and July were 3°C above average, while August was 5°C above average. In July, the temperature went over 40°C; August was very hot also, as well as the beginning of September, the rest of the month finished normally. Due to the excellent gravely soils of Margaux, the vegetative cycle of the vines was not deeply altered, and the ripening process was progressive, smooth and slow. We elected to wait, before picking the grapes, until the skins were able to release their colour and for the arrival of cooler nights which would trigger the development of aromas and soften the tannins.

Picking took place from September 18th to October 6th. The average yield was of 37 hectolitre/hectare.

In December 2003, the young wines were richly coloured. The Merlots were very ripe, aromatic, quite charming with exceptionally supple and attractive tannins. The Cabernets were more lively and intense, very elegant and amazingly fresh.

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