The second wines of

Château Boyd-Cantenac


The second wines of Château Boyd-Cantenac are the result of blending the grapes produced by young plants plus various other lots that seem, at the time of harvesting, to also be best suited for wines that can be appreciated young, within 5 to 12 years after the harvest.


Lighter than the first wines, these wines are also fruitier and need less time to reach their full maturity.


They are elaborated in such a way as to be appreciated sooner than the wine of Château Boyd-Cantenac, which needs long bottle aging in order to reveal all of its capacities to enchant us.


The second wines (Jacques Boyd, Joséphine de Boyd-Cantenac and La Croix de Boyd-Cantenac) show different personalities and nuances, but all have the same profile of traditional Margaux wines : subtlety, complexity, finesse, intensity and elegance.

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