This was a precocious vintage, with a hot and wet spring. May was 3°C above the average for this month, and had 35 mm of rain above average from May 1st–20th. Mid-bloom was noted on May 31st, then the summer was hot and sunnier then average. Mid-véraison came on August 4th, the same as in 1989. The first twelve days of September were hot and dry, the following week was very wet, with more then 100 mm of rain. The grapes were picked between September 20th and October 8th. They were ripe, healthy and well-constituted as a result of the meticulous care brought to the vineyard during the summer months.

During barrel ageing, the Merlots were dark, charming, with slightly austere tannins, while the Cabernets seemed almost perfect, very dark, full in the mouth, with luscious tannins right from the beginning of the tasting.


Starting around 2005, 2007 this 1999 vintage has become one of our personal favourites with a bouquet of truly great finesse, delicious aromas, the balance on the palate is remarkable and the tannins are simply splendid. These wines will continue to offer the very best of themselves for decades to come.

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